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Home/VOIP/(Germany number) - 847-489-(four)(seven)(ate)(sicks)
Cell/SMS (inactive until May 20, 2014) - 828-736-(tree)(oh)(seven)(ate)


My e-mail address in an image.  My address is tee, dee, ell and followed by at symbol and then my domain name

My initials are T, D, and L.


I'm currently employed as a intern in Nurnberg, Germany and will be in Germany until May 20, 2014

I'm consulting for an adhesives firm that is relocating it's production to another state.

I was previously an engineering instructor at Cankdeska Cikana (Little Hoop) Community College on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation in Fort Totten, ND. I assisted with developing an engineering program at the college as part of a larger project across the ofter tribal colleges in the state.

I am active in the EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association.

Here is some open source work I have done.

I am trying to improve the condition of a 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190Db

Transcribing the Cherokee New Testament (1860) into UTF-8 Cherokee. Read about it here. The book has actually been transcribed, and proofreading is complete. Jimmy W. Snail in Oaks, OK has helped with gathering audio recordings of the book.

What I have been doing lately

I am putting my family tree on my wiki. There will eventually be pictures. Only my mother's family so far. Wiki-fying my family tree.


Graph of voltage versus current on an incandescent light bulb

Linux From Scratch

The Linux From Scratch Project caught my attention a few months ago. Back in 2000, I did compile a FreeBSD system entirely from source. Kernel, base apps and all I compiled from source and it was fun all the while. I found this project and as I go through the book, I will keep a log for you to read. Nothing online yet, but eventually...


I have a facebook account that is seldomly maintained. View what I haven't posted lately

W&C Aircraft Works Aiplane Building Course

April 3, 2009

I just traveled back to Boone, Iowa to visit W&C Aircraft Works. Located at the Boone Municipal Airport, Keith Campbell, Kevin Horn and Bob Woolery specialize in building aircraft from kits, specifically the RV series kitplanes made by Aside from making a living building and repairing airplanes, they also offer kitbuilding courses and that is what has lead me there.

Read more here and see pictures here

China and Hong Kong

March 23, 2009

I have just returned from my 20 day vacation to Shanghai, Hangzhou China and Honk Kong. During my stay in Hong Kong, I walked about 1/3rd of the McLehose trail through the Sai Kung peninsula. Also went to the bronze Buddha on Lantau.

The street vendors have a colorful array of flavors and some of the finest food in the world. I had no fear of being sick since I am well vaccinated and know how to heal myself quickly. Learning Cantonese is easy when you are immersed in the society at it's very home.

China 2009

Interesting Reference

NEETS - Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series. Training manuals for use in the Navy. These are public domain.
Interesting tidbits of information

Personal Information

My opinions and how I feel about things, photographs of myself. This information is available through this link.

Timothy Legg on Facebook

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